Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday Weigh-In - Week 5

Well, at least I did not gain as much as I did last week:

Weight: 181.8 lbs.
Weekly net change: +1.6 lbs.
Total net change: +1.8 lbs.

Actually, I have two excuses: one lousy and one good. The lousy excuse is that it's still the holiday season, with all its numerous sugary temptations. (And in two weeks, someone has a birthday coming up - yet another reason to celebrate :)

The good excuse is that my back has still been bothering me, and it's difficult to summon the motivation to exercise when your back is not in full form. I suppose that the back problems are really some lingering effects of pregnancy, aggravated by picking up and carrying around an infant. I've been seeing the chiropractor; his treatment and recommended back exercises have resulted in some improvement, but things are still not 100% normal. So yesterday I picked up a Pilates book; in addition to regular Pilates exercises, there are chapters specific to injuries and injury prevention, including some geared toward the lower back. I started those today, and they really seem to help. As my back improves and my muscles get stronger, it will be easier to exercise diligently and consistently.

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