Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Right Jolly Old Elf

There is a bit of a flap over at Centuri0n's blog regarding the substitute teacher who read "A Visit from St. Nicholas" to her first-grade charges, and then took it upon herself to disabuse the children of the notion of Santa Claus. Centuri0n is disgusted over the teacher's misuse of authority, and he has taken some flak from the Christian community for even suggesting that Christians are misguided in their anti-Santa Claus sentiments. Here are my two cents' on the subject:

centuri0n: "I'm silly for asserting that something can be true without being scientifically evidenced."

Those that assert centuri0n is silly would have to then say that any Christian would be silly for believing in God or the resurrection of Christ!

Regardless of one's own position on celebrating St. Nick/Santa Claus/Sinter Klaas, I think it is appropriate to say that the substitute teacher in question overstepped her authority in her commentary on "A Visit from St. Nicholas." We don't need representatives of government dictating to us what we should and should not believe, especially vis-a-vis matters of religion and conscience. As Christians, we don't buy that argument when it comes to sex education or the origins of life; are we all of a sudden supposed to say it's okay in this instance because we agree with her about Santa Claus?

It's a family's decision whether or not to "do" Santa Claus, and it's a family's decision when and how to explain Santa Claus to their children - not the teacher's. For a teacher to do such a thing is as bad as when a child hears the facts of life (or the news of his parents' impending divorce) first from classmates on the playground, rather than from his own parents.

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