Thursday, February 03, 2011

Old Army Stuff - Addendum

I had put up this picture in a previous post, but I wanted to put it up against because I have some additional information. I found an old picture of my grandfather, ostensibly from the year 1914 (can't verify that date, but on the other hand, have no reason to doubt it), wearing some sort of uniform with the pin on the left on his hat and collar:

If you click on the picture, you can zoom in and see the pin. Now, according to census records, my grandfather was not a veteran. So, what's with the army-type getups?


donsands said...

He looks like he was a veteran for sure to me.

There's a line a movie, but I can't remember the movie, that said:

"Who are you going to believe, me, or your own eyes?"

Have a terrific Lord's day! Our Lord is sovereign, and loves us.

wordsmith said...

Yeah, there's no doubt he was involved in the army in some way - the question is, How? My best guess right now is in the national guard or something like that. I'll have to try and pursue that line of research further, when I have the time ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Lord's day!