Saturday, August 08, 2009

Old Army Stuff

Below are a couple of pins that I found a number of years ago among my grandfather's stuff. I have no clue as to their origin, or where or when my grandfather came to possess them. From what I've found on the internet:

  • The item to the left is evidently an enlisted men's dress insignia for E troop, 2nd infantry - not unlike the ones found on this page. I assume that 1905 would be the first year that this design was used, but I have no idea when (if?) it was retired. Judging by the method of fastening, it looks like something that would go on a hat.

  • The item to the right is a pin with the Latin motto, "NON SIBI SED CUNCTIS" (Not for himself, but for all). Apparently it is the motto for the Quatermaster Replacement Training Command Unit. Here is another site with this pin. Again, I have no idea as to where or when this insignia was used, etc.

If anyone knows about the history of these items, feel free to share your knowledge in the comments.

Below is a picture of my grandfather. There are no markings on the picture itself, and only the year (1912) on the backing, which year I have no reason to doubt, given how young my grandfather is in the picture. He is clearly dressed in some sort of uniform (reminds me of a mounty, with the jodhpur-type pants), and appears to be bivouacking somewhere.

I don't know if my grandfather was a citizen at the time this picture was taken - would it be possible for a non-citizen to enlist in the Army? If the year is indeed correct, this would be pre-WWI.

Again, comments (especially enlightening ones :) ) are welcome!

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