Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cure for Writer's Block?

I just discovered this page, and decided to give it a try. I set a goal of 200 words in 10 minutes; I managed 208 words in 6 minutes. Here is the fruit of my inaugural effort. (Ignore the misspellings and lower case - the idea behind the software is that it makes you focus on output. The spelling, etc. can always be cleaned up later.) It's a silly little story, but who cares? Enjoy!

once upon a time there was a little girl who never liked to eat broccoli. she hated it so much that she would scream every time her mother brought some home from the store. one day, her mother brought home some brocolli that was colored red instead of green. the little girl was so surprised that she accidently ate the red broccoli. to her surprise, the brocolli actually tasted pretty good. after that, she decided that she would make her own red broccoli. she did this by slathering ketchup all over the green broccoli that her mother cooked. the strange thing was that it tasted exactly like the red broccoli that her mother had brought home from the store. she didn't know it, but her mother had only pretended to have bought red brocolli from the store. what her mother actually did was take regular, run-of-the-mill brocolli and boil it in ketchup. that way, the broccoli turned red as it cooked and the flavor was changed so that it tasted more like ketchup than it did brocolli. From that day forward, the girl never hesitated to eat brocolli as long as it was boiled in ketchup.

the end.

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