Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pix from Korea - 2

Traditional kitchen.

Hot peppers - the sine qua non of Korean cuisine.

Korean houses were traditionally kept warm by heating the floors. The fire was built under the house.

Edibles being hung to dry.

Herbal medicine.

Traditional apothecary and physician's office.

Traditional dancers.

More traditional dancing.

Seesaw girls. As if jumping into the air weren't enough, they're doing stunts as well.

Acrobatics by the seesaw girls.

Anybody can walk a tightrope, right?....

...Now bouncing across a tightrope - that takes talent....

...Or, how about reversing direction while you're bouncing?

Korean stocks. There is also a huge stick with which to beat offenders.

Equestrian acrobatics.

More equestrian acrobatics.

Traditional marriage ceremony.

First of several courses of a sumptuous seafood dinner. The octopus still squirms even though it's been chopped up and put in the dish.

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