Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Empty Wagons and Noisy People

We were channel surfing the other night, and happened to catch a snippet of some Bill Maher program. I don’t know what the name of the program was, but it had three guest panelists. The first one was Lou Dobbs, whom I have at least heard of. I will admit that I am not all that familiar with the man or his general positions; however, he made a few good points. The second panelist, from the American Enterprise Institute, was unknown to me, but it sounded like she was the token conservative. So far, not too bad, considering it was Bill Maher’s show.

But Maher’s choice for third panelist must have been a joke, and a poor one at that. Either that, or it was Maher’s way of saying, “Don’t take my show seriously; we’re just here to have a good time.” And who was the third panelist? Why, it was none other than that world-renowned political genius, Ben Affleck. Yes, that’s right – and here all along we thought he was just another pretty Hollow-wood face. Evidently that actor shtick is nothing but a ruse; in reality, he is a highly-qualified expert not only on diplomacy but also domestic and foreign affairs. Really! I mean, why else would he be included on a panel with others who actually have a day job dealing with political and financial issues?

Give me a break.

As for Mr. Maher himself, the only thing that I could think about while watching the show was how unfunny he was. It was like watching a seventh-grader host the show, except the seventh-grader would be marginally funnier and considerably less scatological. Maher is a prime example of someone who has nothing to say and is unashamed to broadcast his ignorance to the entire world. Empty wagons make the most noise.

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