Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Critter

Just a brief update while I'm working on a more substantial post. A couple of weeks ago, we finally got a kitty, after having been kitty-less for nearly three years. (We unfortunately had to put our previous kitty to sleep - he had reached the age of somewhere around 22 years or so, and his tired body was just shutting down on its own.) Our new kitty, Choo-Choo, is under a year old, and has a good temperament. Our three-year-old just loves him too, and insists on picking him up at every opportunity. However, she has to learn how to hold him properly; currently, she has a tendency to hold him more like a squid instead of a baby, although she's not doing too bad in this picture.

He loves me! Posted by Hello

We've also bought a few cat toys - up until now, the jingle-bell balls have been his favorite, but I am pleased to report that as of this morning, he has noticed the hanging mouse toy, and is evidently getting his exercise playing with that.

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