Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Inexplicable Male Weirdness :)

Okay, somebody male please explain this to me:

A certain person (of the male persuasion) has an embarrassingly ratty old long-sleeved GAP shirt that he insists on keeping. The collar and cuffs are frayed so badly that the interfacing is showing, and I honestly think the next time the thing is washed, there will be nothing but a soggy pile of lint at the bottom of the washer. It is in such bad condition that not even a hobo would accept it. Yet this certain person refuses to let me throw it out, citing vague sentimental reasons.

On the other hand, from time to time, yours truly has been requested to discard items that have plenty of mileage and are nevertheless still good, despite their having minor, reparable flaws.

(I still love him, though, even if he acts strangely now and then. He said that's how they act on his home planet, Mars...)

Okay, guys: Why hang on to a rag like that, and then expect me to pitch something that is still useful?

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