Saturday, June 13, 2009

204 pc. Revolutionary War Soldiers set

"Every piece of pure molded plastic...hours of fun for the whole family!"

All that for $1.98.

Nowadays, how many kids would be able even to name a couple of famous battles of the American Revolution, let alone re-live them with little plastic soldiers?

Come to think of it, plastic soldiers are probably not made any more. Instead, kids will have to order sets of diplomats and conflict resolution managers. After all, fighting is so barbaric - not to mention it's an embarrassing vestige of patriarchal society. Governments are nannies to take care of you and wipe your leaky orifices, not anything that should actually provide for the common defense.


Anonymous said...

Spoken like one who has never seen war or its aftermath.

wordsmith said...

No one is saying that war is "hours of fun." The whole idea of war being hell is to underline the seriousness of engaging in armed conflict. That's not to say, however, that nothing is worth fighting for, so we can all beat our swords into ploughshares - that day won't come as long as we have human government. Man lusts to control his fellow man, and no amount of diplomacy is going to fix that. Hence we reserve the right (on an individual level, and on a national level) of self-defense.