Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Non-examples of "Humility"

The emergent/emerging pupating church fancies itself as offering a "new kind" of "Christianity" that is more humble and charitable than the version of Christianity foisted on the unsuspecting world by those nasty fundamentalists and others who are actually so naive as to insist on minor things like sola scriptura. Watch this, and see for yourself who is being humble, and who is the epitome of hubris. (The comments at the post are especially eye-opening in this regard.)

The emergent/emerging pupating church likes to pretend that they're "engaging in conversation" (boy, what a hackneyed phrase that has become), but apparently that applies only if you're one of their sycophants. Otherwise, they're more interested in shouting you down, because (of course), you're hopelessly backwards and you don't really understand them anyways - after all, if you truly understood them, you'd agree with them, too. But, then, since you have negative things to say about them, you're just so mean and uncharitable (not merely "inaccurate," mind you, but downright "uncharitable" - which, as the moderator of the panel points out, is a value judgment - Exhibit #1 in the illustration of emergent/emerging pupating "tolerance" for differing views) and have therefore forfeited your right to speak up.

If the emergent/emerging pupating church is hosting a smørgåsbord where (hackneyed phrase alert) "nuanced views" are the norm and any religious belief is welcome (as long as it doesn't come from one of those hidebound Bible-thumpers), then, the emergent/emerging pupating church, like any good host, is making sure that they provide plenty of whine for their anything-goes-except-Scriptural-doctrine lovefest.

Emergent/emerging Pupating humility, anyone?

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