Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm no Hillary fan, but...

...the way she's been treated by the MSM and those within her own party is nothing short of disgusting, especially if allegations of widespread, systematic voter fraud turn out to be true. Obambi (which is an insult to Bambi, to be sure, and not nearly enough of a putdown of the Dem's "messiah") is little more than puppet who can't even piece together a half-way coherent sentence without someone writing it down for him first and then flashing it on a teleprompter. Small wonder "Mr. Eloquent" lacks the guts to go head to head with McCain/Palin in town hall forums.

Elsewhere, in watching this music video, a couple of things struck me immediately:

  • Obambi positively exudes contempt for Mrs. Clinton - captured very well in one of the stills. (I wonder if that was before or after he asked her to do his dirty work for him by going after Sarah Palin, hmm?)
  • Another still, evidently taken at some political rally, shows a number of politicians (Hillary among them, I believe) in front of huge American flag backdrop. Tellingly, everyone except Obambi has their hand over their heart.

And, a final note - the boys at Triablogue make an interesting point regarding Keith Olbermann: Does he realize that with his ranting about Gov. Palin's Pentecostal connections, he's effectively managed to insult a wide swath of black Obama supporters? News flash for Olbermann: in the interest of preserving what's left of your career, try exercising a little of that good ol' liberal virture of tolerance and go read up on some basic information about Christianity, evangelicalism, and Pentecostalism. You might just be able to avoid shooting yourself in the foot next time.

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