Saturday, March 15, 2008

Experience? Pheh - Who Needs It?

Evidently, that's what a lot of people think regarding Obama's "qualifications." The rest of us, however, realize that Obama has no noteworthy accomplishments to his name. There is nothing on his resume to suggest that he has any leadership qualities to speak of. The most that can be said of him is that he has the gift of blab (as do most other politicians, so this "gift" can hardly be considered "noteworthy").

Not only is the man unimpressive, but the vomit that spews forth from the mouth of his "pastor" of 20 years is pretty vile and disgusting, too. If a white person had said such things about another race, he'd be labeled "racist" without a moment's hesitation or any second thoughts. Why, then, does the "reverend" largely get a free pass regarding his vitriolic bile? Obama supposedly has attempted to distance himself from the "reverend" by claiming that he doesn't fully agree with everything the "reverend" says, etc. Day late and a dollar short, Mr. Obama. He's been your "pastor" for 20 years and you've claimed him as a "mentor;" only now that the man's vile speeches have been exposed to the light do you deem it expedient to loosen your embrace of the "reverend."

I don't know which is scarier: the fact that so many people seem to consider Obama as a serious presidential candidate, or that so many people would let race be the determinative factor in their decision for a particular presidential candidate. Maybe the liberals are right - maybe racism is alive and well in America. I guess Martin Luther King had it all backwards: it's not the content of a man's character that counts, it's the color of his skin.

If you share the sentiment that Obama lacks the pertinent qualifications to be Commander-in-Chief, you can get a bumper sticker to publicize your conviction.

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