Thursday, November 01, 2007

Something's lost.......

In the process of translating a recipe for Korean tofu cookies (sounds weird, but tastes great), I was stymied over a particular ingredient - I couldn't find it in any online dictionary, nor could I find it in my electronic dictionary. All else having failed, I found a different recipe with the same ingredient and asked Auntie Google for help. Here is her reply:

Chamma heukimja

준비할 재료
Prepare ingredients

참마 100g, 흑임자 3큰술, 브로콜리 50g, 굵은 소금·소금 약간씩
Chamma 100g, heukimja 3 tbsp, broccoli 50g, slightly thick salt salt

만드는 방법

① 참마는 씻어 껍질을 벗긴 후 강판에 곱게 간다.
Wash and peel the skin peeling ① sometimes goes to the steel plates.

② 흑임자는 물에 담가 잠시 불린 후 커터에 담고 물 1컵 정도를 부어 아주 곱게 간다.
Shortly after the talks, called the water ② urban neighborhood in which to pour water 1 cup of very cool go.

고운 맛의 죽을 즐기려면 고운 체에 밭친다.
Enjoy the taste of fine die chee batchinda fine.

③ 브로콜리는 작은 송이로 떼어 팔팔 끓는 물에 굵은 소금을 조금 넣어 파랗게 데쳐 건진 후 얼른 찬물에 담가 헹궈 건진다.
③ broccoli in a small cluster from 88 to a little boiling salted water, putting a heavy blue water over the flour made in the talks dissolved iron.

④ 냄비에 간 쌀을 담고 물을 3컵 정도 부어 끓이다가 흑임자 간 것을 조금씩 흘려 넣으면서 죽을 쑨다.
Put rice in the pot ④ cross poured water 3 cups of the highway between the cities to put down as little say die.

너무 뻑뻑하게 느껴지면 물을 조금씩 더 넣으면서 끓인다.
It feels a little bit more water, so completely put the puree.

간은 소금으로 맞춘다.
Salt just fit.

⑤ 죽 그릇을 준비해 ④를 담은 후 브로콜리와 참마를 얹어 장식한다.
To prepare for a bowl after ④ ⑤ leather broccoli and barley to decorate them.


참마는 껍질을 벗겨 강판에 간다.
Peel the skin and coat steel plates to go.

소화가 잘 되고 부드러운 죽을 만들기 위해서 곱게 가는 것이 중요하다.
To make death gentle and well-digested, it is sometimes important.

This is almost as good as tootle him with vigor.

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This is incredibly random, but I just found your blog by Googling [korean "tofu cookies"] and was wondering if you ever translated this recipe. If so, could I prevail upon you to send it to me at skipperdee(at)