Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Logical Consequences of Pomoism?

Yesterday we went to my hometown to watch the Memorial Day parade. It was pretty much as it’s always been, except…

…I was thoroughly shocked by the high school band – seriously. Why? Here it was, one of the TWO times in the year that they actually get out and march (well, if you can really call it that; “shuffle” is considerably more accurate) in a parade (the other occasion being homecoming), and they were NOT in uniform. Nix. Zilch. Nada. Just jeans and (matching) t-shirts.

WHAT ON EARTH is that all about? Where’s your pride? Sure, it can get warm in a Memorial Day parade. Sure, some kid will probably pass out. So what? Everyone survives. You mean to tell me you’re too lazy and self-centered to get out of your grubby clothes and put on an actual uniform to march in a parade on Decoration Day as a way of honoring the fallen in combat?

Shiftless brats. The band director that we had when I was in high school would NEVER have tolerated such an attitude. We had too much pride to be slovenly attired like what I witnessed yesterday.

Mr. E., I hope you weren’t watching the parade. Remember your CGHS Trojan Band the way it was………

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