Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, Duh!

For the past few days I have "wireless-less" - that is to say, the wireless connection for my laptop had stopped working, and I had no clue why. I tried everything I could think of - repairing the wireless connection, resetting the cable modem, rebooting both the laptop and the desktop to which the router was connected - nothing worked. I was getting no signal at all. Then, last night as I lay pondering the situation, I had a brilliant flash of enlightenment: how about checking the wireless switch on the laptop? Now before you say "duh" too quickly, let me furnish a defense: I certaintly didn't turn the switch off knowingly, so it wasn't something that I forgot. It just somehow happened, and it didn't occur to me to make that first in my checklist.

My other "duh" moment happened about a week ago. I had some old soap scraps that I was planning on melting down and pouring into molds to make new soap. I grated the scraps into a Pyrex bowl and mixed them with some water and food coloring, then I put the bowl on the stovetop to heat. After all, the beakers and test tubes in chemistry were Pyrex, and I was pretty sure that a gas stove would not be as hot as a Bunsen burner. As it turns out, there is a difference between Pyrex for the lab, and Pyrex for the kitchen. Evidently, only the former is designed to withstand direct flame.

It wasn't too fun cleaning up the shards, but at least the soap wasn't too bad. Still kind of messy, though.

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