Monday, August 22, 2005

Generous? After a fashion. Orthodox? Well---

I've not posted for a few days, due in part to my current project - slogging through "A Generous Orthodoxy" for the purpose of being able to make intelligent comments regarding the book. I will not pretend to offer a comprehensive review of the book; others far more competent than I have already offered their learned and esteemed opinions about Brian McLaren's book. Rather, I hope to present a layman's impressions and concerns about the "emergent" church in general and McLaren in particular.

Admittedly, I am approaching the book with a healthy dose of skepticism. Some might say "suspicion," but as one of my cinematic heros (James Bond, if you must know) replied when asked why he was so suspicious, "I tend to live longer that way." And for the sake of theological soundness, healthy suspicion is called for, particularly when it comes to "a new way of 'doing' church." As the old saw goes:

If it's new, it ain't true - and if it's true, it ain't new...

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