Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh, Canada! - Why?

Canada went ahead and did it. They are now the fourth country in the world (after the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain) to legalize same-sex marriage. Ostensibly, the reason is to afford homosexuals the "right" to marry. That's strange - they already had the "right" to marry, the only restrictions being that their spouse be an unrelated person of the opposite sex.

Now that Canada has removed the gender restriction, how long will it be before they also remove the restriction on incest? After all, if two consenting adults (which seems to be the only stipulation for those in favor of same-sex marriage) want to get married and they just happen to be father and daughter, or uncle and nephew, what's to stop them? Some outmoded, quaint prejudice against incestual relationships? Same arguments that are pro-same-sex marriage also apply to legalizing incestual unions. Go for it, Canada! You're slip-sliding away towards Gomorrah anyhow; what's the difference?

Oh, and while they're at it, Canada should just go ahead and remove any bigamy laws they might happen to have on the books. After all, that's just a cultural construct as well, and there's no real reason to limit the legal number of government-sanctioned spouses one may have.

But then again, consistency has never been a hallmark of pomo thought. I suppose, though, it's alright for pomos to be consistently inconsistent - the only type of consistency that is evidently allowed.

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