Monday, June 20, 2005

PDL Inanity

Okay, call me a Cretan. A Philistine. A spiritual barbarian who obviously lacks maturity, refinement, or some combination of the two. I don't care - I am not about to jump on the "purpose-driven life" bandwagon and declare it the greatest life-changer since the advent of movable print. Unfortunately, on one of the email lists to which I am subscribed, there is an uncritical acceptance of the purpose-driven drivel - and the truly sad thing about this is that these are church leaders, not your average man-in-the-pew. There is an attitude that those who do not want to participate in the PDL inanity are

a) spiritually immature (oops - spiritually "not ready"),

b) are pretty much in the same category as children who refuse to eat their vegetables (i.e., they just don't know what's good/best for them),

c) are sticks-in-the-mud who are missing the boat since they don't want to move on and do the greater things that God wants to do (and you just know that God is wringing his hands over these people, since they're obviously blocking the flow of God's Spirit - oh, give me a break! How wimpy do they think God is? As if the plan and purpose of Almighty God can be thwarted by mere mortals!), and

d) have "issues" that they need to resolve before they're ready to get with the program (throw in a little armchair psychoanalysis for good measure).

Well, no sale here. I don't buy it. Admittedly, I've not read the book (the closest I've come is skimming through the PDL for youth groups, or whatever it's called). Why should I read it, though, when there are any number of able and reputable reviewers of PDL, all expressing concern over its content, its message, as well as its presentation? Poke around at Tim Challies' site or here for starters if you're interested. In the meanwhile, I have neither compelling need nor interest in going through the book myself, not to mention a lack of time to devote to a proper review. A vicarious one will simply have to do for now. Maybe someday, when I have the time, and I want to increase the traffic to my blog :) ...

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